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Whitening course/ 60 minutes 4,500 yen(tax included) 

Caring for your face and decollete, not only relaxation effected by skilled massage, skin type pack and smell,

 lead to soft, moisturizing and whitening skin.
Detox course/ 60 minutes 4,500 yen(tax included)  

Lymph drainage from the authentic France remove the swelling and sagging.

Face is visibly younger and smaller after this treatment. Enjoy touching face provided intense moisture and relief from environmental skin stress.

Body menu

Aroma lymph care 60 minutes 6000 yen I use a blend essential oils, carefully selected for each client.  

Lymph drainage assists in removal of toxins from tissue and drains excess fluid, making this an effective for slimming.  

Treatment is done directly on bare skin with oil.

Aroma lymph care 90minnutes 8500yen

facial and body

Facial &Aroma lymph Care 9 0 minutes 6000 yen(tax included)

 Luxurious course combined both your face and body! 

120 minutes 8500yen

I am preparing to add other courses in the list above now.



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